We are whatever we want to be, because we are who we are together. 

We are the sum of everything we have lived so far.
We are the learning of successful and unsuccessful jobs. 

We are the unhurried type, we know we pave our own path and enjoy each phase of the entrepreneurial journey.

That journey is not only mine, individually. It belongs to each client, service provider, freelancer, partner and each person who, somehow, has contributed and still is contributing to our existence and history.

We believe in a new era of business relations, where there is room for honest, sincere and fair exchange, after all, the job is ours.

Transparency is one of our core values.

We share reliance.

We also believe that each company plays an important role as a transforming agent in society through their culture, added value and income.

Thanks was born with that desire of doing differently and innovating within audiovisual, benefiting somehow the entire ecosystem involved.
Being able to account for the communication of our clients and follow several sectors and strategies each company chooses to have provides us with inputs to understand the living being we are.

Thus, we keep on transforming ourselves to offer video solutions increasingly better to our clients and to be a company that makes sense to the careers of our team.

Let’s do it together?
I am another you.

Simone Cyrineu




After months building a business plan, we signed our articles of association in April. Right after that in July, we opened our doors to the market. August brings our first deal. The client? BIC.


After an entire first year experienced, new clients and contributors arrive. We start maturing our processes and developing new departments.


With more substantial market share and major projects coming in, it was a year of great learning for everyone. Time to resume to our purpose and give rise to new strategies.


New positioning and business model, focused on 2D animated video and productization of services to standardize our operation. Survivors of a pandemic year officially, only possible due to the collective strength of #teamthanks.


Launch of two new solutions on the market: video subscription for social media ads and creative automation technology to customize videos in scale.


No one builds anything alone.

If you got interested and believe somehow that you can contribute and want to become part of this, join us.

made with <3 for you to produce more and better.

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